Tips on How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

  • 1 years ago
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Now that you managed to deliver your new born baby, there are a lot of things that you need to think about; what are you going to do if your baby cries, what to feed him and how to reduce weight after delivery.   In case you begin with an average weight and amassed an additional 20-35lbs, your doctor will probably tell you that it will take few months before you will be able to get back in your shape.  In case you are overweight before even the pregnancy, it will take much longer to experience weight loss after delivery.  It is crucial for you to melt those extra pounds that you added while you are pregnant.  In case you don’t, it will remain as your natural physique for the next 15-20 years.



Best Ways on How to Lose Weight Fast After Pregnancy

Refrain From Going on a Strict Diet

Weight loss after baby can settle fast if you do not restrict yourself on the things that you eat.  Being a new mom is already stressful, and you do not want to add extra stress in your life through force starvation.  Remember that stress can contribute to weight gain.  If you just return to your normal healthy eating habit, you will discover that losing weight after pregnancy is just easy.  In case you really want to go on a diet, choosing the food that you eat can create a huge difference.  You need to go beyond the 1,800 calorie per day especially if you are breastfeeding the newborn baby.

Super Foods:  Post Pregnancy Diet

The new Moms will require a maximum amount of nutrients to support their body especially if they are nursing.  You may want to choose Super Foods that are high in nutrients but have a nominal amount of fat and calories.  Some of the Super Foods are milk, yogurt, and fish.  Fish is a rich source of Omega 3 which is essential in the developing brain of the infant.  Yogurt and Milk contains a high dose of calcium to keep your bones healthy and strong.  The super foods will support your weight loss after baby.


There are some studies suggesting that breastfeeding can allow you to regain your pre-baby weight in a short time.  It is a great way to ensure that some of the calories you packed everyday is being discharged through breastfeeding.  It will not only help you to understand how to lose weight after pregnancy, it will also make sure that your newborn baby is growing healthy and strong.

Drink Water, Lots of it

During the entire day, you need to make sure that you have an adequate supply of clean water.  It will not only help you to remain hydrated, but it can also prevent you from excessive eating and enhance your metabolic rate which can help you on how to lose weight after pregnancy.  It is not recommended to follow the 8-glass rule, let the color of your urine guide you.  If you notice that your urine is clear, then you are drinking sufficient amount of water.

When you want to regain your shape back after your pregnancy, let the tips above guide you on triggering your weight loss after delivery.